USMS Northwest Zone

This site supports the Northwest Zone, which is one of eight USMS organizational zones (geographic regions) within the United States. Zones are further delineated into smaller regional subgroups called Local Masters Swimming Committees (LMSCs). Each LMSC is responsible for the activities within their province.

The Northwest Zone covered by this site is comprised of seven LMSCs. Visit the LMSC Info page to learn more about their respective swimming programs.

A detailed description and map (pdf) of each of the USMS Zones and the LMSCs can be found here.

Recent News

Northwest Zone Chatter for September 2022

Northwest Zone Records have been updated to include SCM records as of 03/20/2023.

Annual Minutes for September 1, 2022 NW Zone Meeting are now available.

Prior meeting minutes are also available on the USMS site.

Upcoming Zone Championships

NW Zone Championships. TBD

Check the Events page to find other events within the zone.

Important Links

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Snake River LMSC
Oregon LMSC
Pacific Northwest LMSC


The following resources are posted here:

Northwest Zone Policies (updated 3/13/2022)

Order of Events

Zone Event Bid Information:

Zone Bid Forms (click to download):

Grant Request Form

Reimbursement Form

Northwest Zone Meeting Minutes